Analysis Assessment comments

The Assessment field on the Review/Analysis page contains generated comments based on inspection observations, voltage thresholds and average temperature. Inspection Alerts are generated comments based on Positive plate growth, Positive plate shedding and Negative plate shedding observations during an inspection. Battery condition generated comments are based on cell voltage thresholds and average battery temperature. Comments are entered by the service

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Battery condition trend

The Battery condition trend chart plots the score of each battery inspection and applies a trendline to the markers. The consistency of the markers indicates the consistency of charging/discharging practices. The trendline slope indicates the aging of the battery. A trendline that trends upwards indicates an improvement in usage and/or charging practices, but eventually, the trendline will always be downward

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Battery temperature

The Battery temperature chart illustrates the battery temperature during each inspection and applies commonly stated battery life expectancy compensation based on average battery temperature. It generates a life expectancy comment in the Assessment comments at the top of the Analysis section. If the battery is Dedicated to a truck, the Estimated hours/cycles remaining displayed on the Estimated hours/cycles remaining chart

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