Cell condition report

  • The cell condition report chart plots the voltage of each cell during each inspection based on its relationship to the other cells.
  • To interpret the cell condition report chart click the About> link at the top left of the chart.
  • To review the amount that each cell contributes to the battery score click the % of current score> link at the bottom left of the chart.
  • The % displayed for each cell indicates the strength of each cell relative to the other cells. The higher the number the weaker the cell.
  • The % of current score number should not be considered to be a substitute for a discharge test.
  • Cells that are consistently above 0 are represented as 0%
  • The RESULT comment displayed in the Battery Condition Assessment (above) and at the bottom of the Cell condition report chart is a generated comment. It assists the Technician and Service writer to interpret and comment on what they see the Cell condition report chart portraying.
  • Cell voltages above a threshold (not sufficiently rested) or that are on charge are not plotted on the chart.