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As an Administrator the first thing you need to do is set your units of measure based on your location or preferences. As an Administrator you will be able to perform the following: Add a new User, set their access level and invite them to access Voltelligent. Update a Users’ information, Deactivate a User and Reactivate a User. Manage lists including add a new item, delete an […]

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Edit your Subscriber profile

Only an Administrator may Edit your Subscriber profile. Your Subscriber profile includes Billing information and Units of Measure. To Edit your Subscriber profile: From the Dashboard click the Admin tile at the top left. Under Manage your account click the Profile tile then Click the Setup Billing/Manage Billing tile. You will be taken to our billing site where you can

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Units of Measure

Only an Administrator may set Units of Measure. Units of measure apply to all of the batteries in all of your customers libraries. They cannot be set to apply to the batteries of an individual customer. To set Units of Measure: From the Dashboard click the Admin tile at the top left. Click the Profile tile and scroll down to

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Update a User.

Only an Administrator may Update a User. A User is someone who has been invited to access Voltelligent. Whoever in your company initially subscribed to Voltelligent will automatically be set up in the Users list as an Administrator. Some reasons to Update a Users information could be if they have changed their email or, if an employee, their role has

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