Add a User, set their access level and invite them

  • Only an Administrator may Add a new User, set their access level and invite them to access Voltelligent.
  • A User is anyone who has been invited to access Voltelligent.

To Add a User, set their access level and Invite them to access Voltelligent:

  • From the Dashboard click the Admin tile at the top left corner.
  • Click the Users tile.
  • Click the Add New tile.
  • Complete the required fields and ensure the Active and Send invite boxes are checked.
  • If the User is a customer select the customer Library that they will be permitted to access.
  • Click Add and the User is added to the Users list.
  • They will be sent an invite email that is active for 72 hours with a link to follow to activate their account.
  • The email will often be found in their junk folder due to incoming email screening.

To invite a User directly from a customer Library:

  • Select a customer.
  • Below their address information to the right of Location: click the Share link.
  • Enter their contact information and click the Send Invite button.
  • The invitees role will automatically be set as customer with read only access.