Determining initial hours

  • Initial hours are the truck Drive and Lift hours or Drive hours or Key hours displayed when a new battery that is dedicated to a truck is installed in that truck.
  • Drive and Lift hours are preferable to only Drive hours and Drive hours are preferable to only Key hours, as they provide a more accurate representation of the time the battery spends working.
  • It is important to choose Initial hours carefully as all subsequent hour meter data must be of the same source. Ex: If Initial hours were Key hours all subsequent hours must be Key hours. Entering Key hours 1 time and Drive hours a different time will result in discrepancy alerts, inability to enter a lower than previous number and useless estimated remaining hours calculation.
  • Initial hours are required when a battery is Dedicated to a truck.
  • Initial hours are entered during the first Battery inspection.
  • If the initial hours are unknown but the battery and truck have similar manufacture dates it could be reasoned that the truck hours were 0 when the battery was installed.
  • If the battery was not new when installed in the truck or if the battery is new but the hours when it was installed are not known, choose “No” in the “Do you know the hours when the battery was installed?” box.
  • The consequence of not knowing the hours when the battery was installed is that the Estimated hours/cycles remaining chart on the Review page will not be visible.