Determining the specific gravity of a battery

When adding a battery it is important to know the 100% charged specific gravity as well as the 80% discharged specific gravity in order for Voltelligent to accurately calculate the state of charge of the battery when inspected.

  • When adding a battery the help tips above the 100% charged and 80% discharged fields contain a link to a SG reference sheet.
  • For some battery manufacturers there are default numbers programmed in, however different cell models for the same manufacturer do not always have the same 100% charged and 80% discharged numbers.
  • You should always consult the SG reference sheet whenever adding a battery to be sure you have the correct numbers that correspond to the cell model.
  • If the 100% charged and 80% discharged SG’s for the manufacturer are not known use the default numbers provided.
  • When adding a new battery make the technician can only add the make, he is unable to access the Admin Add new fields.

I you do not know the actual 100% charged and 80% discharged numbers for the manufacturer of the battery you are adding you should use the default numbers provided in the SG reference table.

If there is a discrepancy in the default numbers provided from the unknown actual numbers from the manufacturer the discrepancy is likely going to be in the order of 2% or less. If a battery SOC calculates as 70% charged or 74% charged instead of 72% charged Voltelligent does not view the discrepancy as being of significant consequence.