Battery moved to a different truck

  • When inspecting a battery Dedicated to a truck you may find that it has been moved to a different truck.
  • Correct truck? displays during an inspection only if the battery is Dedicated to the truck.
  • Truck ID details are displayed to the left for easy truck identification.
  • If the battery has been moved to a different truck and it is intended for the battery to remain in that truck then the Truck information and hours will need to be updated.

To move a Dedicated battery to a different truck:

  • When “Correct truck?” displays and the truck ID information at the left does not match the truck that the battery is in click “No”.
  • An alert displays that allows you to Edit the Truck or Make the Battery Pooled.
  • If the battery is often moved to other trucks choose Make Battery Pooled.
  • If the battery is intended to remain in this truck choose Edit Truck.
  • You will be taken to Truck info where you will need to update the truck ID, Make, Model, SN, Min/Max battery weight, Meters fields and Compartment dimensions.
  • You will be taken back to the inspection where you will confirm that the battery is in the truck that matches the information at the left.
  • The “Hour meter replaced or truck changed” checkbox will have self filled.
  • In the “Do you know the hours displayed on the replacement meter when it was changed?” box click yes and enter the hours displayed by the new truck in the Initial hours fields.
  • Enter the same hours in the Current hours fields. The difference between these numbers will be zero.
  • This will save the hours associated with the previous truck and begin the count of the hours of the current truck.
  • The hours between the last inspection and the current inspection will be lost and therefore result in the Estimated hours/cycles remaining chart displaying slightly more hours remaining than if those hours had been captured.