Equipment notes

  • Either an Administrator or a Technician can add Equipment notes.
  • When Adding a Battery, Truck info or Charger info at the bottom of each page you will find the Equipment notes field.
  • The Equipment notes field is common to the the battery, truck and charger.
  • Equipment notes are visible at the top right of the first page of each inspection every time a Technician inspects a battery.
  • When inspecting a battery the first thing a Technician should do is view the Equipment notes.
  • The most common use of Equipment notes is to provide instructions on how to access the hour meters of the truck for the battery being inspected.
  • Another common use of Equipment notes is for an Administrator to leave a note for a Technician requesting additional information about a battery, truck or charger. Ex: Confirm truck compartment dimensions.
  • A Technician can Edit the Equipment notes from the Battery inspection by clicking the Edit link. Ex: Equipment notes says “Confirm truck compartment dimensions”. After clicking Edit the Technician can enter the truck compartment dimensions and click the confirm button. When the Administrator is Proofing the inspection the Administrator can now update the Truck info and clear the information request from the Equipment notes.