Clear a battery’s history

  • Only an Administrator may Clear a battery’s History.
  • The main reason to clear a battery’s history is when a battery that is dedicated to a truck is being replaced.
  • Clearing the battery history will delete all inspection and watering records but will keep previously entered truck and charger information so that the technician does not have to collect and enter it again.

To Clear a battery’s inspection and watering history:

  • From the Dashboard select a customer.
  • Click the battery ID.
  • Scroll down to and expand Battery Details.
  • Scroll to the bottom of Battery Details where you will find the Clear History / – Battery / Archive battery buttons.
  • Click the Clear history button and a confirmation message will appear.
  • Click CLEAR HISTORY and you will be taken to Edit battery.
  • As you are replacing a battery that was dedicated to a truck you will need to update the battery information fields with the new battery information.
  • Ex: Battery Make, Model, Serial number, Date new and weight may need to be changed but ID, configuration, capacity, dimensions and connection details will likely remain the same.
  • After you have updated the necessary fields you will be taken to the Battery details page.
  • To return to the customers Library click the back to library link.